picture of me drawing picture of me outside

My name is Simon Ranger, I am currently a full-time student studying applied IT at La Trobe University.
As a student i'm learning a lot of great skills in both Business and IT. During my time at La Trobe,
I gained extensive experience with management and sales, as well as different forms of programming,
networking, I am self-teaching myself hacking on kali linux during my free time.

I was given the opportunity to show my skills learnt in my current position as a contracted English Teacher
(ESL or English as a Second Language) by managing my own sessions, including creating the programs.
I've also gained the opportunity to work on some projects in programming with others who have the same passion
as me, as well as meet very skilled and great people at hacker meet ups, letting me learn a lot from these

Generally i'm a very easy going and down to earth kinda guy who loves a laugh and just simply enjoy life.
I have a very strong work ethic and truly love the sensation of a hard days work, in my free time I like to

I'm very social and love interacting with like minded people, talking with them and learning from
what they have experienced in their life.