Category: Management and Business

Certificate Name General Information
Diploma of Management I did this because I wanted to advance my joy for
business and management as well as learn new
techniques within the industry. It was really
enjoyable, and I have used what was taught
multiple times since.
Certificate III in Business I did this certificate just before completing the
management diploma to get familiar with studying
again as well as help get my passion back for
this industry.

Category: Retail and Hospitality Operations

Certificate Name General Information
Certificate III in
Retail Operations
I got this at the exact same time as my certificate
in business as it was a joint thing, I learnt so much
from this experience, especially how to deal with
Certificate II in
Hospitality Operations
This was when I just left grade 10 and at the time really
wanted to work in the kitchen, doing this certificate
taught me a lot about how to handle fast paced
environments and how to handle highly stressful
situations while maintaining my composure.

Category: Programming and IT

Certificate Name General Information
Certificate of Java I did this because I wasn't confident with my java skills
and wanted to improve on them, I learnt a lot from doing
this course and even used the newly learnt skills during
my university study.
Certificate of Python 3 Python was my first language but after awhile of not doing
any coding I forgot how to do it, so I decided to re-learn it
helping the flame of passion for coding in the process.

Category: Other or General

Certificate Name General Information
Certificate IV in
I've had an interest in teaching/helping those who needed it since
I was 18 years old, eventually I saved enough to do this course. This
course helped me greatly in improving my management,
organisational and communicational skills.